A downloadable game for Windows

A litle FNaF fan game with weird looking graphics

  • NOT scary! (I think)
  • 98% of sprites are made in MS Paint! (other 2% is Aseprite for animations)
  • All sounds are 8-bit based (some are LOUD)
  • So basically it's a joke game :)



  •  Animatronics: 1/3
  • Nights: 1/6
  • Cameras: 99%
  • Minigames: 0%
  • xtras menu: 0%
  • Power system: 100%
  • Fun: ??
  • Office: 80%
  • Animations: 20%
  • Sounds: 10%
  • Graphics: 40%

To do List:

  1. Two more animatronics
  2. Fix bugs

Install instructions

Open the .exe file


Paint Nights at Fred's DEMO1.exe 12 MB

Development log


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what was the game engine that this was made in?

ClickTeam Fusion

gud gaem

t h a n k s :)


how do you play?

click the red button on the "bepsi" machine to generate bepsi so you can drink it and refill your stamina. Plug in theTV (click the electric outlet) so you can use the cameras. There you can close/open the door and 2 vents. You can unplug it to save power if you want. Sorry for bad English :)


Fred moves  really fast in this demo